The 42 Traverse, one of New Zealand's most amazing tracks

Summer is here which means one of the best tracks in the North Island is open - the 42 Traverse, a 46 km remote route through the centre of the North Island. The track has been well graded for the 2020 season, but not everything goes to plan for one of the trucks...

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Pokaka Mill Campsite

A super basic campsite - Pokaka Mill offers a full remote camping experience. It is easily one of Overland NZ's favourite campsites in New Zealand. The 25 minute rough gravel road drive in takes you into a large open area with heaps of space to camp.

There's a simple long drop toilet there and nothing else.

On calm days the bird song is awesome. And on clear nights the stars are super bright. It can be pretty exposed though, so make sure to have warm gear, even in the middle of summer.

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Pokaka Mill Campsite Road

A rough gravel road that heads out to the awesome Pokaka Mill campsite on the Central Plateau. Make sure to stop off and checkout the caves on the way past.

1 hours
12 km

42 Traverse

One of the longest trips in the North Island, 42 Traverse is open from December 1st till the end of April and takes you through some epic Central Plateau scenery. Recent work by DOC and the 4WD clubs have improved the conditions of the track and made it more accessible to more people.

Conditions vary considerably over the seasons - in the middle of summer it's a fairly simple drive, especially if it's been graded. Closer to Easter, it'll start getting wetter and may be more of a challenge.

Remember there will be other traffic and that it's a popular mountain bike track, so expect people.

Best not tackled alone due to the remoteness.

5 hours
42 km