Built by people who love to explore, just like you

Overland Navigator was born to solve the question we had back in 2015 when entering the amazing world of remote offroad exploring - where do you go? After 2 years of playing around and prototyping apps we launched Overland Navigator in mid-2019 to bring people along on the adventure and encourage people to get outdoors more.

We've spent over 8 years and over 200,000kms of driving all over New Zealand exploring what it has to offer - trying to seek out those hidden gems that are worth sharing - and logging tracks and as many details as we can remember to help others get out there in their four wheel drive and enjoy it.

2015 - The first trip, the seed was planted

Armed with little more than a DOC campsite guide, a sense of adventure and no idea what we were doing, we embarked on a two week trip to the South Island in our trusty old Surf to see what we could find.

It's still one of the best trips we've ever done - there's something about everything being new that's hard to beat!

Our goals

Encourage people to get out there and #ExploreMore
Provide the most innovative mapping experience high quality routes and supporting data
Promote responsible offroad driving and safe vehicle usage.
Be truly home grown - everything is done right here in New Zealand