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Waiotemarama Gorge Road


Waiotemarama Gorge Road is a great little shortcut from the Waipoa Forest to Opononi or vice versa. Near the southern end there are some old buildings and vehicles with pig skins drying on the fences that makes for an interesting stop. Also, if you are in the sightseeing mood, Waiotemarama Waterfall walk starts at around the mid-point of this road. Moreover, Tane Mahuta, NZ’s largest Kauri tree is not far south from here and is a very short walk, so a must see if in the area.

When I tracked Waiotemarama Gorge Road the metal was loose but the base is solid and looked to have been recently graded so this would have been the reason for the loose surface. There were also cattle being moved along the road at this time too.

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