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Te Akau Coast Inland Route


Ponganui Rd, Brien Rd, and Waikaretu-Wairamarama Rd form a 30km inland gravel route down the Te Akau Coast which would make a great loop with Klondyke Road and the Raglan to Port Waikato route.

Starting a few km South of the eastern end of Klondyke Road, Ponganui Road runs parallel to Klondyke Road before turning South as the route turns into Brien Road. At the South end of Brien Road turn right onto Wairamarama-Onewhero Road then a few km later veer right where the road forks into Waikaretu-Wairamarama Road.

This route has nice scenery of rock outcrops on the hills (think Middle Earth Rohan), distant views of the Tasman Sea, Mt Pirongia and even Mt Te Aroha at times. Watch out for animals, there can be plenty of Sheep, Cattle, Goats, Turkeys etc loose on these roads.

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