Ripiro Beach

4WD track in the Northland region

Ripiro Beach is New Zealands longest driveable beach and is longer than the more famous 90 Mile Beach at North Cape. This 107km long beach is backed by high, golden sand dunes and is the site of many shipwrecks, including a French man of war and ancient Portuguese ships.

The beach is a gazetted highway and the standard rules of the road apply. It is possible to drive along its hard sands two hours either side of low tide, 4WD vehicles are recommended. It is suggested that you ask locals about the conditions before venturing on to the sands. You can drive all the way from Pouto in the South to the Maunganui Bluff in the North, however before you head out please check the tides.

WARNING: around the tip and in some dune areas there can be quick sand present (especially close to high tide). It is advised to have two vehicles and be well prepared with recovery gear. Also tyre pressures can be vital. Please talk to locals you encounter and just ask about conditions down the beach.

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