Gum Diggers Track

4WD track in the Northland region

Gum Diggers Track runs around the Tauroa Peninsula at Ahipara. It is highly recommended that Gum Diggers Track is only attempted in a clockwise direction due to dunes that are very difficult to traverse up if traveling anti clockwise.

Much of Gum Diggers Track is on the beach around Tauroa Point and is only passable for 2-3 hours either side of low tide. Make sure you check the local tide times before venturing out onto the beach. Getting caught in the tide could mean your vehicle getting stuck, your vehicle being lost to the tide, and physical danger.

Ahipara tide times:

It is highly recommended that you don’t try Gum Diggers Track alone, there are several muddy sections, water crossings, and the beach where it’s easy to get stuck.

North Island
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