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Maling Pass Track


This lovely little track gentle climbs up to Maling pass before a quick descent onto the Waiau river flats. The road eventually comes to a halt against the river where there is no further vehicle access. However, it is still a spectacular drive for a day trip away or an overnighter for a spot of fishing.

Helen Clark and Conservation Minister Steve Chadwick allocated $40 million for the purchase of St James Station (North Canterbury) in 2008 to guarantee public access to this magnificent property plus protect it from intensive farming and development. Maling Pass was an area previously unavailable to the public, however with a quick online registration for the access code you can now enjoy fantastic scenery and a great 11 km drive (22km return trip). Getting this access code also gives you access to the Edwards Pass (start point located 22km south of Maling Pass start point on Tophouse Road) which is a 17km drive (34km return trip), together they make a great outing.

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